Scrap Metal Processing

Scrap Metal Processing

One of the main components in plant dismantling and recycling is scrap metal processing. Finding a firm that can provide a maximum yield on your scrap metal is time-consuming and can stall the already complex plant closure/demolition process. Max Torque is an integrated provider of plant dismantling and surplus services. As such, we can handle all of your scrap metal processing needs.

When Max Torque processes your scrap metal, you get direct-to-the-mill pricing that bypasses middlemen. Streamlining the supply chain by selling your material directly to the entity that will melt it into new products means greater efficiency and a much higher yield for you.

Max Torque LLC is more than a buyback yard or a scrap yard; we are a large national metal processor. That means we sort, cut, chop, compact, shear, strip, bale, granulate, and shred millions of pounds of scrap metal materials of many different alloys and forms.

We’re proud to provide ground-breaking metal processing services to our customers, with one of the best safety records in the industry. At Max Torque LLC, we devote significant resources to on-going safety training including safety drills, classroom training, personal protection equipment, instrumentation, and jobsite training.

Specialty Processing

Wire Stripping

Our cable department utilizes the largest capacity stripping technologies. We have the capability to strip insulation off power, transfer and similar cable types from ½” diameter to 2000 MCM (approximately 2″ in diameter). Our stripping process is also available as a tolling service.

Range Cartridge Brass Processing

With years of experience handling and processing range brass and a patent pending de-militarizing process, Max Torque can accept all range cartridge brass, both fired and non-fired. That means you no longer need to sort your drums or buckets of range brass for un-fired rounds. You’ll save time and get a higher return on your material.

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