Scrap Metal Information

Scrap Metal Specifications and Contamination

Scrap Metal Specifications

The following are terms that relate to the condition of scrap metal acceptable to Max Torque LLC. Max Torque purchases scrap metal based on these specifications:


Scrap metal with a size dimension of 4’x4′ or smaller.


Free of contaminants including, but not limited to other metals which are inferior in chemical composition.


Scrap metal with a size dimension larger than 4’x4′.


Contains any substance that can render a metal alloy unable to be smelted in a furnace of any kind. Contaminants can be other metals inferior to the primary metals’ chemical composition. For example, aluminum is considered a contaminant to stainless steel. Other contaminants include:

  • Foreign Contaminants
    Glass, Paper, Rubber, Plastic, Concrete, Rock or Stone are considered foreign contaminants
  • Liquids
    Motor Oil, Turbine Oil, Lubricants, Transmission Fluids, Brake Fluid, Hydraulic Fluid, etc.
  • Hazardous Material
    Radioactive Matter, Asbestos, Acids, Chemicals (Toxic and Non-Toxic)


Based on the contaminant and the volume of contamination, Max Torque LLC may charge our customers a tolling charge to clean or free scrap metals of contamination. Tolling charges are not included in the quoted price and are typically deducted prior to settling on a scrap load.

Questions about our scrap metal specifications? Contact us to speak to one of our customer care team representatives.

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