Max Torque: Putting Health & Safety First

At Max Torque, we believe our most valuable asset is our employees. We take extra steps to ensure their health and safety, including conducting weekly safety meetings to ensure all employees have the most up-to-date safety training. Additionally, daily safety meetings are conducted while on jobsites to guarantee a safely completed job. We implement techniques used within the industry to ensure highest level of safety and awareness possible, including our “Take 5” policy, as well as “Toolbox/Tailgate Talks” and in-house training seminars to reassure our employees that they are receiving the best safety training possible. Max Torque LLC strictly adheres to a zero tolerance policy.

We understand that a positive work environment has a huge impact on employee morale, so we take extra measures to ensure that we are providing the healthiest work environment for our employees.
We also believe that physical health is as important as good safety policies, therefore we offer our employees resources to maintain peak physical fitness. Additionally, we have third party mental health counselors available for consultation by our employees for any necessity.

At Max Torque, we are very proud to maintain the highest safety record in the industry (2,966 days without an OSHA recordable incident). Our safety manual, issued to all new hires, contains over three hundred pages.

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