Plant Closure Services

Plant Closure Services

Max Torque LLC is an industry leader in plant closure services, and has liquidated over 250 operating plants worldwide. As such, we understand that operating plants can be liquidated for a variety of reasons, including receded production abilities, corporate consolidation, revenue loss, prohibitive production costs, and discontinued product. Regardless of the reason, plant closures can pose a huge financial risk to plant owners, particularly if they are unable to receive maximum ROI.

One of the main reasons plant owners are unable to receive the maximum return on their investment is auction failure. Although auctions following plant closure can be successful and serve a purpose, auctioneers are not obligated to sell all assets within a plant in a plant liquidation project. If every asset within a plant does not sell, it leaves sizable issues for the plant owner. They will need to disconnect, remove, and ship the remaining assets, which will then have to be either sold or transferred onto another plant’s books. This process can be extremely costly and time-consuming.

Max Torque LLC: Providing a Single-Source Solution for Your Plant Closure Needs

Max Torque LLC provides a cost-effective solution to plant closures. We have developed a self-sufficient marketing engine that produces remarkable results. Our marketing engine reaches millions of clients daily: end users who are interested in purchasing machinery from plant liquidations. It is also an intelligent technology designed to market assets to diverse industries.

As a value-added benefit for you, Max Torque LLC has designed our own innovative model for plant liquidation. We sell all your assets as well as removing, processing, and selling all your scrap metal. The equipment that does not sell is deemed scrap and handled appropriately.

Max Torque has the resources to liquidate any type of operating plant in any location around the globe. To ensure you achieve the biggest benefit from our plant liquidation service, we will assist you with any of your plant closure needs that may arise, no matter where your plant is located. This enables you to retain the highest return on all your closed plants.

Safety in Plant Closures

Max Torque LLC provides the best industrial services in the industry in the safest manner. We maintain the highest safety record in the industry; visit our safety page to view our safety record progression.

If you have a plant that needs liquidating and want the highest return on your investment, contact our customer care team.

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