Mass Transit Vehicle Transporting

Mass Transit Vehicle Transporting

Transporting mass transit vehicles is a complex undertaking as they are typically very large, heavy, and cumbersome, and cannot be transported using conventional methods.

Max Torque LLC has years of experience in safely transporting MTVs by road, rail, water and air. Along with specialized equipment, Max Torque has the expertise to properly rig oversized vehicles and to plan and execute every logistical detail of the transportation process. We thoroughly analyze every project and evaluate every possible scenario with precision to devise the safest and most efficient solution to transporting your mass transit vehicles.

When Max Torque repurposes your MTVs, we handle the complicated transportation logistics; we’ll take care of every detail. If you simply need to relocate mass transit vehicles, we also provide MTV transportation as a supplemental service.

Contact Max Torque today to discuss your MTV transportation needs. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and begin the planning process.

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