Investment Recovery

Forward-Thinking Solutions for Investment Recovery

Max Torque LLC is an industry leader in investment recovery. Collectively, our team has over 100 years experience providing superior quality recovery services to a variety of clients, and we are proud members of the Investment Recovery Association. At Max Torque, we provide a centralized, organized, and systematic effort to manage surplus equipment, material and scrap, and to recover as much of the original capital investment as possible.

Max Torque LLC provides a unique set of problem-solving skills for investment recovery. We have encountered numerous issues throughout our years in the industry, and have developed resolutions to meet every one of them. Max Torque LLC has designed, created, and successfully implemented investment recovery programs for many Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. Additionally, Max Torque LLC has moved assets for companies totaling over one hundred million dollars in our lifetime.

Helping You Receive Maximum ROI

At Max Torque, our only goal is to offer our clients the highest rate of return on investment. We have succeeded in part by employing our proprietary marketing engine, in part by utilizing our vast knowledge of the asset disposal business, and in part by ensuring that we complete projects on time and under budget.

Our investment recovery services are available a la carte and can be custom designed to your company’s needs. Services include:

Max Torque LLC will facilitate all your intercompany transfers efficiently.

Asset Storage
With several spacious storage facilities throughout the country, we have the capability to store your assets in secure locations at a fraction of the cost of storing the assets yourself. When you store assets with Max Torque, we eliminate the possibility of parts and components being stripped off by plant personnel.

Asset Sales
Your equipment is marketed and sold according to a sales matrix we design for your company.

Asset Disposition
Max Torque LLC can assist your company by recommending a disposition of your assets. Our knowledge base of asset viability, market trends, and logistical know-how enables us to provide you with an intelligent disposition as to whether to liquidate your assets or not.

IR Meets Technology

In today’s fast-paced world, the only option for success is to embrace technology. Max Torque LLC has harnessed the power of technology and has engineered it for successful investment recovery. Our proprietary custom designed software suite, built by our in-house technology team, features the following:

  • Custom Reporting
  • Networking
  • Storage Calculations and Usage
  • Flexibility

Max Torque LLC has an impressive history of liquidating assets, closing operating plants, managing company transfer programs and providing services that bring results. Our professional staff is comprised of some of the most talented people in the industry, people who promise and deliver explosive results for you. Your assets will be marked to five million potential clients a day. Most importantly, Max Torque is accountable for your asset liquidations.

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