1. Why Choose Max Torque LLC?

Max Torque LLC has more experience, provides more solutions, and provides more return on investment than competition. Safety is important to us, and we have 2,966 days without an OSHA recordable incident. Max Torque has provided custom surplus solutions for some of the largest corporations worldwide. Our services offer clients a higher yield on their surplus materials, quicker than our competition.

2. Is Max Torque Limited to a Service Area?

Max Torque is equipped with the resources, proprietary equipment and tools to perform projects anywhere in the continental United States.

3. How can Max Torque offer such high prices for scrap metal?

Because Max Torque is a large scale demolition contractor, we process millions of pounds of scrap metal materials monthly from demolition projects. We receive direct to mill pricing which we pass on to our commercial clients.

4. How does consignment work?

Consignment is a process by which a sales company advertises the sale of another company’s assets. The sales company is compensated on commission basis. Compensation can be structured in a variety ways, i.e. a gross percentage of the sale price, margin basis, and/or volume basis. Consignment agreements can have a set time limit, or they can be structured as an evergreen agreement which remains enforced until one party terminates the agreement in writing.

5. How quickly can an operating plant be liquidated?

Plant liquidation timeframes are affected by a long list of variables. These can include the product produced in the plant, the size of the facility, the number of employees and the overall condition of the plant. Although not typical, in the past, Max Torque LLC has closed a one million square foot plant in forty five days.

6. What is complete plant liquidation?

Complete Plant Liquidation is the process by which Max Torque LLC closes operating plants. Our process is a closed walkthrough sale. When we provide complete plant liquidation, we sell all capital assets. We also process, package, and ship all scrap metals, remove all lag bolts from the floors and remedy other safety hazards. We broom sweep all plants upon completion of liquidation.

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