Boneyard Cleanup Services

Boneyard Cleanup Services

Most industrial facilities have a boneyard, or an area where obsolete or unused equipment and scrap materials are stored. Although boneyards are typically treated as an afterthought and not a significant source of revenue, they actually pose several potential hazards to personnel and could be negatively affecting your bottom line. As an industry leader in boneyard cleanup, with over 5,900 boneyards cleaned nationwide, Max Torque LLC can help your business increase profit and decrease risk through our comprehensive cleanup services.

At Max Torque LLC, we understand that cluttered boneyards are unsightly; however, the risks they pose to a business go far beyond aesthetic. Disordered boneyards are a leading cause of trips, falls, and injuries among personnel. Additionally, animals and insects often make their homes in dormant equipment, exposing workers to unnecessary risks which can lead to health incidents.

Despite the risks they pose, boneyards can also be profitable for companies: they occupy valuable real estate that could be put to other, more productive uses. Additionally, boneyards typically contain used, obsolete equipment as well as valuable scrap metal materials which can be repurposed/recycled for a high yield.

Comprehensive Cleanup Services

Max Torque LLC processes recyclable metals for alloy mills around the globe. We process, prepare, and package your boneyard scrap metal to mill specifications onsite saving you logistics and transport costs. Processing boneyard scrap metal to mill specifications enables it to be sold at mill pricing, which is a dramatic increase from local buyback yard pricing. In the majority of cases we do not charge for our boneyard cleanup service, which saves you the cost of a cleanup contractor.

Typically, Max Torque can effectively clean any size boneyard within two weeks. We can mobilize our experienced technicians and equipment anywhere in the continental United States at your convenience. We will handle, prepare and dispose of all debris in the boneyard, then broom sweep the entire area leaving the ground clean and free of any objects that can wreak havoc on maintenance departments. Any remaining equipment or materials that are needed by the plant will be neatly re-organized ensuring your boneyard can be managed safely and with maximum efficiency.

Surplus Purchases

Max Torque LLC is your best resource for buying your scrap metal materials; but we also are a large and powerful force in surplus equipment purchases. Boneyards contain small inventories of surplus machinery and parts, and Max Torque will purchase surplus equipment outright for our growing inventory, increasing your ROI.

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